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Accepting inequality in precarious Southeast AsiaDo Ta KhanhPietro MasinaSilvia Vignato
Aesthetics of ResistancePasakorn Intoo-Marn
Are there ‘Witches’ in Southeast Asia?
Benjamin BaumannErick White
Aspirations to migrate to the EU: A comparative perspective from Southeast and East Asian countriesAsuncion Fresnoza-FlotSofia Gaspar
Avant-garde archival applications and analysis: Approaching the Vietnamese archives.Patrick Slack
Beyond Narratives and Self-representations: Knowledge Production of Refugee Youths Making Art and Literature in Southeast AsiaAkino TahirRealisa Darathea Masardi
Beyond the surface: Tracing infrastructural transformations and violence in northern Vietnam’s uplandsSarah Turner
Round Table
Blumentritt Beyond Rizal: Revisiting the Scholarship and Politics of a European Filipinist
Jan MrázekJonathan Victor BaldozaPreciosa de Joya
Central European Tropics: Physicians, Naturalists, and Diplomats in Search of Southeast AsiaTomáš Petrů
Climate Change Politics in Southeast AsiaDirk TomsaSebastian Dettman
Climate-induced conflicts and vulnerabilities in Southeast Asia: Community-based adaptation, imagination, and interventions in space, to address socio-environmental challengesAnubhav GoyalSayamol Chaorenratana
Configurations, power dynamics, and prospects in Myanmar since the 2021 military coup with a focus on the constitution and democratic state-building in MyanmarMarcus Brand
Contemporary Urban Muslim Expressions in Southeast Asia: Identity, Discourse, and Socio-Religious StrugglesFatimah HuseinYanwar Pribadi
Book Forum
Contentious state-society relations in Myanmar
Gerard McCarthyMaaike Matelski
Contested Belonging: Solidarity and Survival amongst Southeast Asian Migrant CommunitiesChris Chaplin
Corporate perpetrators, ‘victimless’ crimes, and citizen resistance in Southeast Asia: exploring interlinked forms of violence and local responses to social and environmental destruction
Dat NguyenKimberley WeirStephanie Benzaquen-Gautier
Creativity and Innovation in VietnamAnnuska DerksEsther Horat
Critical Perspectives on Movement, Migration, and Mobilities in Southeast Asian Literatures
Angelia Poon
Democratization of Communication and Communication for Democratization: Breakthroughs and Challenges in Thailand and MyanmarChosein YamahataTerapatt Vannaruemol
Digital technology and gender dynamics in the workplace in Southeast Asia
Monika Arnez
Film Screening
Digitizing Asia’s Heritage
Dewi KumoratihMarina Kaneti
Disinformation Dynamics in Southeast Asia: Unravelling Ripple Effects, Fragmentation Challenges, and Safeguarding Vulnerable CommunitiesVidhyandika D PerkasaWida Ayu Puspitosari
Diverse Localised Religious Practices and Beliefs of Chinese Communities in Southeast AsiaAi Boay Tan
Film Screening
Documenting Duterte’s Drug War
Eloisa May P Hernandez
Eclectic Leftism in Southeast AsiaIqra AnugrahWindu Jusuf
Book Forum
Education and Power in Contemporary Southeast Asia
Azmil Tayeb
Round Table
Emerging Trends in Southeast Asian Politics: Deeper Democratic Backsliding or Trickles of Emancipation?
Jacques BertrandSarah Shair-Rosenfield
Engaging in Existential Mobility in “Zomia”Wen-Chin Chang
Ethics, Affect and Moral Judgement amidst Momentous Change in LaosPaul-David LutzRosalie Stolz
Exploring Nonreligiosity, Atheism, and Secularism in Southeast AsiaPrince Kennex AldamaTimo Duile
Fabrics of an Archipelago: Stories, Creation, and HistoryMary-Louise Totton
From Contested to Hybrid Space: Transnationality, Everyday Sovereignty, and Global OrderShiskha PrabawaningtyasTatok Djoko Sudiarto
From Jakarta to “Nusantara” in 2024: A move towards Climate Justice in Indonesian Urban Transformation?Mark Philip Stadler
Ghosts and Hauntings in Southeast AsiaLaurens BakkerMartin Slama
Globalization & Knowledge Economy: Assessing Issues on Learning & Education in Post-Pandemic South(East) AsiaAdiasri Putri Purbantina
Guided by objects: from the museum to Southeast Asia (and back)Klaas Stutje
Higher education for the revolution: Education as a space for resistance in post-coup MyanmarMarie Lall
Historicizing Chinese Labour in Southeast Asian Mining: mobilities, networks and practicesHui Yun CherOliver Tappe
In and Out of Place: Mapping People, Objects, and Spaces in Southeast AsiaMulaika Hijjas
Film Screening
Indigeneity and Ghosts in Indonesia’s New Capital
Laurens Bakker
Film Screening
Indonesian 1965 Crimes Against Humanity: Towards Recognition of Genocide Status?
Gloria Truly Estrelita
Indonesian Migrants & Migration in IndonesiaAlexander LochRetno Widyastuti
Internationalist Southeast Asias: Coordinating Cross-Border Struggles amid Inter-Imperial AntagonismsGeoffrey Rathgeb AungThiti Jamkajornkeiat
Interpreting Political Architecture: Government Buildings in Southeast Asia (and beyond)Ian R Lewis
Islamic Reform, Salafism, and the Salafization of state and society in Southeast AsiaZoltan Pall
Film Screening
Kajang: Otto Siddharta and the Art of Listening
Jean-David Caillouët
Lampah - Tracing embodied archives
Bianca Mayasari Figl, MA
Land, Politics, and Development in Contemporary IndonesiaWilliam Hurst
Living and dying in Vietnamese migrant communities: Identities, relationship-building and demise across Vietnamese communities in Europe and AsiaJulia BehrensSeb Rumsby
Localizing strangers: Arab Identity in contemporary Southeast AsiaGeradi Yudhistira
“Lost and Hidden Manuscripts”: A Reassessment of Condemned Islamic Texts in the Early Modern Malay WorldZacky Umam
Round Table
Malaysia’s Tumultuous Political Development Since 2018 and Its Future Trajectory
Elvin OngKikue Hamayotsu
Mangkunegaran and Sustainable Social TransformationArndt GrafTatas Brotosudarmo
Measuring Societal Progress through Social Justice and Sustainability Lens: Southeast Asia and European Experiences and Collective ChallengesCholnapa Anukul
Memories, objects, art: disrupting colonial narratives on Borneo’s cultural heritageJennifer MorrisValerie Mashman
Book Forum
Memories of Unbelonging: Ethnic Chinese Identity Politics in Post-Suharto Indonesia
Charlotte Setijadi
Minority Citizenship: Mobility, Religion, Gender and the State in Asian ContextChontida Auilool
Movements at the Liminals: Reconsidering European Colonialism in Southeast AsiaPreedee Hongsaton
Multicultural Societies and Civic Vision to Bridge Divisions in Myanmar, Thailand, and IndiaMakiko TakedaPimonpan Chainan
Myanmar’s Post-Coup Borderlands
Shona LoongTerese Gagnon
Navigating SEAS of Knowledge: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Southeast Asian StudiesFrans WijjseenRuard Ganzevoort
Round Table
New Area Studies within New Global Polarisations?
Claudia DerichsWolfram Schaffar
New Dynamics of Transnational Activism in Southeast AsiaEva HanssonMarco BünteMeredith L. Weiss
Film Screening
Ngeling-eling Peniwen
Grace Leksana
On the Edge of Modern Eastern Indonesia: Exchange, mobility and competition along Banda ZoneIlham
Oral and Local Traditions in Eastern IndonesiaHans Hägerdal
Performing Paradises: Rethinking Bali Studies in an Entangled WorldIrving Chan Johnson
Platformisation in Southeast AsiaNaruemon ThabchumponWolfram Schaffar
Policy in Action: Intention, implementation, and consequences of government decision-making in IndonesiaElisabeth KramerWayne Palmer
Political Change and Institutional Resilience? Lessons from Southeast AsiaAbdillah Noh
Political influence operations through social media in SEAKris Ruijgrok
Political Representation in IndonesiaEve Warburton
Politics-Business Collusion in Indonesia and beyondWard BerenschotYogi Setya Permana
Politics of Memories: Memoryscapes of Resistances in Thailand and IndonesiaMalinee KhumsupaTanet Charoenmuang
Politics on the Page: Southeast Asian Representation(s) in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Print MediaSusie Protschky
Post-colonial in Southeast Asia: Cultural Studies to Sustainable DevelopmentAwang Azman Awang PawiNasrullah
Postwar Violence, Cultural Diplomacy and Decolonization in Regional Southeast Asia: A RevisitAgus SuwignyoSimone Gigliotti
Protocols versus realities: the dynamics of biomedical ethics in early twentieth century Southeast AsiaCaroline Schep
Radical and Militant Islam in IndonesiaKirsten E Schulze
Reading the S-21 traces: towards new archival assemblages of Khmer Rouge crimesAnne-Laure PoréeStephanie Benzaquen-Gautier
Religious events in Southeast AsiaDaniele CioccaRoberto Rizzo
Religious Intellectuals in Southeast Asia: Post-coloniality, Faith, and StateAriff Hafizi Bin Mohd RadziEsra Tiryaki
Relocating the Indonesian Capital: Diverse Discourses, Contradictory Expectations and Tangible ImplicationsMichaela HaugVandy Yoga Swara
Rethinking Environmental Governance in Southeast AsiaDiana SuhardimanJonathan RiggWidya Tuslian
Revisiting Southeast Asian Women’s Views and Representations: A Critical Look at Historical and Literary Media and WritingsMa Rita Lourdes Alfaro
Ritual Exchange in Timor-Leste: Regulation, Resistance, and Social Inequality in the Post-Independence EraAlberto Fidalgo-CastroSusanna Barnes
SE Asia Museums: Exploring StoriesMonica Janowski
SEA languages as diaspora languages in EuropeAntonia SorienteFrancesca Romana Moro
Sounding Power and Dissent in Southeast AsiaChristina SchwenkelSophea Seng
Southeast Asian Diasporas and Heritage: Crafting the Past in the Transnational Future of DiasporasTom Hoogervorst
Southeast Asian Heritage in a global contextMarina Kaneti
Southeast Asia’s Contemporary Relations with Europe: Politics, Security, Economics, and Civil SocietyAlfred Gerstl
Southeast Asia’s Contentious ElectionsPetra Alderman
Sport, politics and identity in twentieth-century Southeast AsiaFriederike TrotierSimon Creak
Thai History of IdeasPloyjai PintobtangWorathipa Satayanusakkul
The Future of AI Regulation in Southeast AsiaChen Meng Lam
Round Table
The Good Life in Late Socialist Asia: Aspirations, Politics, and Possibilities
Minh NguyenPhill Wilcox
The Heart of Borneo: Present and Future, Challenges and ProspectsMerry K. Sipahutar
The heritage and development nexus in Southeast Asia: convergences, tensions and openingsCâm HoangPeter Larsen
The Indonesian Digital Landscape Related to Crimes and Digital Transgressions
The Politics of Public Goods Provision in Urban Southeast Asia: Evolving Patterns in Malaysia and IndonesiaEdward Aspinall
The Violent State: Trajectories of Civilian Repression in Southeast AsiaJessica SoedirgoMegan RyanRachel Jacobs
The weight of the past? Corruption through the histories of plantation and election in (post)colonial IndonesiaSusan LegêneUji Nugroho Winardi
Thinking and theorizing about living together through the concept of social ontologiesBenjamin Baumann
Towards a global microhistory of the Sulu Archipelago, c. 1400–1945Birgit Tremml-WernerStefan Amirell
Understanding Pathways to Agroecological Change in Southeast Asia: Exploring Adaptive SpacesGerben NooteboomJean-Christophe CastellaJohn F McCarthy
Working, worshipping, studying, and escaping: Mixed migration and mobilities to, within and from Southeast AsiaAntje MissbachMirjam Lücking
Youth and the Performing Arts in Southeast Asia: Negotiating place, belonging, and societyRoy HuijsmansSandra Kurfürst