Land, Politics, and Development in Contemporary Indonesia


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Session 7
Wed 14:00-15:30 REC A2.12



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This panel brings together scholars of politics, sociology, anthropology, and development, based in Indonesia, Canada, the UK and US to examine several aspects of land and politics in Indonesia. The papers address historical and current land reforms, relations between local states and extractive interests, and the implications of land politics for wider questions and trends in Indonesian social, economic, and political development and change. They do this based on archival, interview, ethnographic, and other research methods, offering collectively a comprehensive and new picture of this critical dimension of politics in Indonesia and beyond. In particular, all the papers interrogate the concept and issue of extraction of capital from land and the variety of ways this is resisted or reformed. Long-term and wider implications of land politics and land regimes are also considered and debated by all papers on the panel, such that we take important steps toward building an interdisciplinary perspective on the broad relationships between land, politics, and development in the Indonesian context.