REC A2.12

Session 1Thai History of IdeasPloyjai Pintobtang
Session 3From Jakarta to “Nusantara” in 2024: A move towards Climate Justice in Indonesian Urban Transformation?Mark Philip Stadler
Session 4Round Table
New Area Studies within New Global Polarisations?
Claudia DerichsWolfram Schaffar
Session 5The Indonesian Digital Landscape Related to Crimes and Digital Transgressions ❶
Session 6The Indonesian Digital Landscape Related to Crimes and Digital Transgressions ❷
Session 7Land, Politics, and Development in Contemporary IndonesiaWilliam Hurst
Session 8Historicizing Chinese Labour in Southeast Asian Mining: mobilities, networks and practicesHui Yun CherOliver Tappe
Session 9Globalization & Knowledge Economy: Assessing Issues on Learning & Education in Post-Pandemic South(East) AsiaAdiasri Putri Purbantina
Session 10Book Forum
Education and Power in Contemporary Southeast Asia
Azmil Tayeb
Session 11Higher education for the revolution: Education as a space for resistance in post-coup MyanmarMarie Lall
Session 12Memories, objects, art: disrupting colonial narratives on Borneo’s cultural heritage ❷Jennifer MorrisValerie Mashman
Session 12Post-colonial in Southeast Asia: Cultural Studies to Sustainable DevelopmentAwang Azman Awang PawiNasrullah
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