Thai History of Ideas


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Session 1
Tue 09:30-11:00 REC A2.12



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Each panelist is expected to present their take on “Thai history of ideas” before engaging with the discussants and the audience on both the potential and the limitation of “history of ideas” as an approach in Southeast Asian studies. Thanapol and Ployjai’s papers open up a discussion about the possibility to locate Thai political ideas within the global context that goes beyond the framework of modernization. Pannarat and Worathipa ’s esssay, in a similar spirit, nuances the understanding of the idea of woman’s rights as a benchmark of “progress” through a close examination of western woman travelers’ writings and their relationship with and perception of Siamese women. The essay sheds light on the complex relationship between colonialism and feminism in the nineteenth century. Lastly, Villa’s A Narrative History of the Securities Market in Thai Financial Magazines in the 1970s and the 1980s examines an aspect of modern history of financial ideas hitherto overlooked, namely the roles of agencies like companies and mass media in visualizing the market for the potential investors. In so doing, it crucially fills in the gap of existing literature on Thai history of financial ideas as well as examines its links to the regional and global financial history.

For Prospective Panellists and Discussant(s): Prospective panellists and discussants should have an interest in Thai history of ideas in its broadest sense which including but not limited to history of political thought, economic and financial ideas, the idea of modernity and the process of modernisation. Panellists will be selected based on the originality of their research as well as its relevance to the theme of the panel.