Session 7

REC A1.02Film Screening
Kajang: Otto Siddharta and the Art of Listening
Jean-David Caillouët
REC A1.03Film Screening
Documenting Duterte’s Drug War ❶
Eloisa May P Hernandez
REC A2.04Round Table
Malaysia’s Tumultuous Political Development Since 2018 and Its Future Trajectory
Elvin OngKikue Hamayotsu
REC A2.05Eclectic Leftism in Southeast AsiaIqra AnugrahWindu Jusuf
REC A2.06Youth and the Performing Arts in Southeast Asia: Negotiating place, belonging, and society ❶Roy HuijsmansSandra Kurfürst
REC A2.07Configurations, power dynamics, and prospects in Myanmar since the 2021 military coup with a focus on the constitution and democratic state-building in Myanmar ❶Marcus Brand
REC A2.08Living and dying in Vietnamese migrant communities: Identities, relationship-building and demise across Vietnamese communities in Europe and Asia ❶Julia BehrensSeb Rumsby
REC A2.09From Contested to Hybrid Space: Transnationality, Everyday Sovereignty, and Global Order ❶Shiskha PrabawaningtyasTatok Djoko Sudiarto
REC A2.10Platformisation in Southeast Asia ❶Naruemon ThabchumponWolfram Schaffar
REC A2.11Navigating SEAS of Knowledge: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Southeast Asian Studies ❶Frans WijjseenRuard Ganzevoort
REC A2.12Land, Politics, and Development in Contemporary IndonesiaWilliam Hurst
REC A2.13Beyond the surface: Tracing infrastructural transformations and violence in northern Vietnam’s uplandsSarah Turner
REC A2.14Sounding Power and Dissent in Southeast Asia ❶Christina SchwenkelSophea Seng
REC A2.15Movements at the Liminals: Reconsidering European Colonialism in Southeast AsiaPreedee Hongsaton
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