REC A2.05

Session 1The Future of AI Regulation in Southeast AsiaLam Chen Meng
Session 2Central European Tropics: Physicians, Naturalists, and Diplomats in Search of Southeast AsiaTomáš Petrů
Session 3Performing Paradises: Rethinking Bali Studies in an Entangled WorldIrving Chan Johnson
Session 4Round Table
Blumentritt Beyond Rizal: Revisiting the Scholarship and Politics of a European Filipinist
Jan MrázekJonathan Victor BaldozaPreciosa de Joya
Session 5Contemporary Urban Muslim Expressions in Southeast Asia: Identity, Discourse, and Socio-Religious StrugglesFatimah HuseinYanwar Pribadi
Session 6Religious events in Southeast AsiaDaniele CioccaRoberto Rizzo
Session 7Eclectic Leftism in Southeast AsiaIqra AnugrahWindu Jusuf
Session 8Exploring Nonreligiosity, Atheism, and Secularism in Southeast AsiaPrince Kennex AldamaTimo Duile and Prince Kennex Aldama
Session 9The weight of the past? Corruption through the histories of plantation and election in (post)colonial IndonesiaUji Nugroho Winardi
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