Performing Paradises: Rethinking Bali Studies in an Entangled World


Single Panel


Session 3
Tue 14:30-16:00 REC A2.05


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In this panel, we will be discussing how Bali studies (Balilogy) can be rethought through an engagement with new materialities and methodologies that allow for creative ways of producing texts. Earlier colonial epistemologies have often framed the island and her people as a cultural miracle – an idea that has continued in many aspects of scholarship on Bali to this day. Nevertheless, when one situates the island within an interlinked world, a different image of Balinese society and history presents itself. This panel foregrounds the idea of entanglement and explores how we can rethink the way “Bali” is produced in both academic and everyday discourses through focusing on the interconnections and entanglements Bali and the Balinese produce and engage with. Issues to be discussed in our panel include reimagining Bali’s historical engagements through the lens of local craftsmen as well as thinking about the meaning of Bali to diasporic Balinese communities. Through the panel, we hope to “remap” the Balinese temporal and spatial landscape of entanglement, moving away from earlier preoccupations with ‘tradition’ and cultural exclusivism, via multiple voices and frameworks.