Session 3

REC A1.02Rethinking Environmental Governance in Southeast Asia ❶Diana SuhardimanJonathan RiggWidya Tuslian
REC A1.03Accepting inequality in precarious Southeast Asia ❶Do Ta KhanhPietro MasinaSilvia Vignato
REC A1.04Diverse Localised Religious Practices and Beliefs of Chinese Communities in Southeast AsiaAi Boay Tan
REC A2.05Performing Paradises: Rethinking Bali Studies in an Entangled WorldIrving Chan Johnson
REC A2.06Political influence operations through social media in SEA ❶Kris Ruijgrok
REC A2.07SEA languages as diaspora languages in Europe ❶Antonia SorienteFrancesca Romana Moro
REC A2.08Ritual Exchange in Timor-Leste: Regulation, Resistance, and Social Inequality in the Post-Independence Era ❶Alberto Fidalgo-CastroSusanna Barnes
REC A2.09Creativity and Innovation in Vietnam ❶Annuska DerksEsther Horat
REC A2.10Laboratory
Myanmar’s Post-Coup Borderlands ❶
Shona LoongTerese Gagnon
REC A2.11In and Out of Place: Mapping People, Objects, and Spaces in Southeast Asia ❶Mulaika Hijjas
REC A2.12From Jakarta to “Nusantara” in 2024: A move towards Climate Justice in Indonesian Urban Transformation?Mark Philip Stadler
REC A2.13Interpreting Political Architecture: Government Buildings in Southeast Asia (and beyond)Ian R Lewis
REC A2.14Avant-garde archival applications and analysis: Approaching the Vietnamese archives.Patrick Slack
REC A2.15Towards a global microhistory of the Sulu Archipelago, c. 1400–1945 ❶Birgit Tremml-WernerStefan Amirell
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