REC A2.15

Session 1Oral and Local Traditions in Eastern IndonesiaHans Hägerdal
Session 2On the Edge of Modern Eastern Indonesia: Exchange, mobility and competition along Banda ZoneIlham
Session 3Towards a global microhistory of the Sulu Archipelago, c. 1400–1945 ❶Birgit Tremml-Werner
Session 4Towards a global microhistory of the Sulu Archipelago, c. 1400–1945 ❷Birgit Tremml-Werner
Session 5Political Change and Institutional Resilience? Lessons from Southeast AsiaAbdillah Noh
Session 5Round Table
The Indonesian Discourse on Islam and Humanism: From Theology to Politics?
Amanda tho Seeth
Session 7Movements at the Liminals: Reconsidering European Colonialism in Southeast AsiaPreedee Hongsaton
Session 8Engaging in Existential Mobility in “Zomia”Wen-Chin Chang
Session 9Politics-Business Collusion in Indonesia and beyond ❶Ward BerenschotYogi Setya Permana
Session 10Politics-Business Collusion in Indonesia and beyond ❷Ward BerenschotYogi Setya Permana
Session 11Book Forum
Contentious state-society relations in Myanmar
Gerard McCarthyMaaike Matelski
Session 12Book Forum
Memories of Unbelonging: Ethnic Chinese Identity Politics in Post-Suharto Indonesia
Charlotte Setijadi
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