Session 10

REC A1.02New Dynamics of Transnational Activism in Southeast Asia ❷Eva HanssonMarco BünteMeredith L. Weiss
REC A1.03SE Asia Museums: Exploring Stories ❷Monica Janowski
REC A2.04Guided by objects: from the museum to Southeast Asia (and back)Klaas Stutje
REC A2.06Islamic Reform, Salafism, and the Salafization of state and society in Southeast Asia ❷Zoltan Pall
REC A2.07Laboratory
Are there ‘Witches’ in Southeast Asia? ❷
Benjamin BaumannErick White
REC A2.08Laboratory
Critical Perspectives on Movement, Migration, and Mobilities in Southeast Asian Literatures ❷
Angelia Poon
REC A2.09Understanding Pathways to Agroecological Change in Southeast Asia: Exploring Adaptive Spaces ❷Gerben NooteboomJean-Christophe CastellaJohn F McCarthy
REC A2.11Fabrics of an Archipelago: Stories, Creation, and History ❷Mary-Louise Totton
REC A2.12Book Forum
Education and Power in Contemporary Southeast Asia
Azmil Tayeb
REC A2.13Politics of Memories: Memoryscapes of Resistances in Thailand and IndonesiaMalinee KhumsupaTanet Charoenmuang
REC A2.14Internationalist Southeast Asias: Coordinating Cross-Border Struggles amid Inter-Imperial Antagonisms ❷Geoffrey Rathgeb AungThiti Jamkajornkeiat
REC A2.15Politics-Business Collusion in Indonesia and beyond ❷Ward BerenschotYogi Setya Permana
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