Understanding Pathways to Agroecological Change in Southeast Asia: Exploring Adaptive Spaces


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Session 9
Thu 09:00-10:30 REC A2.09

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Session 10
Thu 11:00-12:30 REC A2.09



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As the climate crisis unfolds across Asia, agricultural systems are changing rapidly, and the livelihoods of rural communities are in transition. Advocates of climate change adaptation variously promote the adoption of agroecological practices, regenerative and climate-smart agriculture as alternatives to the industrial food production system and as a means to provide resilience to future shocks, and mitigate the impacts of climatic variations. However, to what degree do such approaches take into account the complex entanglements of social, cultural, economic, and political change that, alongside increasing climatic variability, are driving agrarian change pathways? Do the different knowledge claims and practices supported by social movements, policy makers and donors provide a means to answer the combined crisis of natural resource degradation, climate change and food and nutrition security?