REC A2.04

Session 5Postwar Violence, Cultural Diplomacy and Decolonization in Regional Southeast Asia: A RevisitAgus SuwignyoSimone Gigliotti
Session 6The Violent State: Trajectories of Civilian Repression in Southeast AsiaJessica SoedirgoRachel Jacobs
Session 7Round Table
Malaysia’s Tumultuous Political Development Since 2018 and Its Future Trajectory
Elvin OngKikue Hamayotsu
Session 8Politics on the Page: Southeast Asian Representation(s) in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Print MediaBernard Z. Keo
Session 9Revisiting Southeast Asian Women’s Views and Representations: A Critical Look at Historical and Literary Media and WritingsMa Rita Lourdes Alfaro
Session 10Guided by objects: from the museum to Southeast Asia (and back)Klaas Stutje
Session 11Aesthetics of ResistancePasakorn Intoo-Marn
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