Session 6

REC A0.01Working, worshipping, studying, and escaping: Mixed migration and mobilities to, within and from Southeast Asia ❷Antje MissbachMirjam Lücking
REC A1.02Climate Change Politics in Southeast Asia ❷Dirk TomsaSebastian Dettman
REC A1.03The Heart of Borneo: Present and Future, Challenges and Prospects ❷Merry K. Sipahutar
REC A2.04The Violent State: Trajectories of Civilian Repression in Southeast AsiaJessica SoedirgoMegan RyanRachel Jacobs
REC A2.05Religious events in Southeast AsiaDaniele CioccaRoberto Rizzo
REC A2.06Ethics, Affect and Moral Judgement amidst Momentous Change in Laos ❷Paul-David LutzRosalie Stolz
REC A2.07Laboratory
Digital technology and gender dynamics in the workplace in Southeast Asia ❷
Monika Arnez
REC A2.08Mangkunegaran and Sustainable Social Transformation ❷Arndt GrafTatas Brotosudarmo
REC A2.09Democratization of Communication and Communication for Democratization: Breakthroughs and Challenges in Thailand and Myanmar ❷Chosein YamahataTerapatt Vannaruemol
REC A2.10“Lost and Hidden Manuscripts”: A Reassessment of Condemned Islamic Texts in the Early Modern Malay World ❷Zacky Umam
REC A2.11The heritage and development nexus in Southeast Asia: convergences, tensions and openings ❷Câm HoangPeter Larsen
REC A2.13Indonesian Migrants & Migration in Indonesia ❷Alexander LochRetno Widyastuti
REC A2.14Southeast Asian Diasporas and Heritage: Crafting the Past in the Transnational Future of DiasporasTom Hoogervorst
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