The Violent State: Trajectories of Civilian Repression in Southeast Asia


Single Panel


Session 6
Wed 11:00-12:30 REC A2.04



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This proposed panel seeks to understand dynamics of repression in Southeast Asia.
Throughout the region—both historically and in contemporary times—states have consistently leveraged their power against civilians in violent ways. Although violence may be an inherent feature of the state (Tilly 1985; Scott 2014), the targets, scale, and forms of that violence varies across time and space. This is especially true of Southeast Asia: the region’s varied history of authoritarian rule—military, single-party, and hybrid—has contributed to a diversity of repressive strategies. Under what conditions do states repress civilians and how does a regime determine which strategies of repression to use? The papers of this panel will answer these questions by investigating civilian repression across a range of countries in Southeast Asia. The single-session panel format is suitable for this proposal as it allows participants involved to investigate unique features of repression in individual country cases, while still allowing for a broader conversation around dimensions of civilian repression in the region.