Mangkunegaran and Sustainable Social Transformation


Double Panel

Part 1

Session 5
Wed 09:00-10:30 REC A2.08

Part 2

Session 6
Wed 11:00-12:30 REC A2.08


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Part 1

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The (former) royal court of Mangkunegaran in Surakarta, Indonesia, plays a significant role in Javanese history and culture, and yet is known for a “tradition of being modern”. This panel explores the strategies of the court to “stay relevant” amidst the considerable social transformation of the last decades, notably under the influence of the Internet. The main questions include: 1) the role of the library and other collections, including the art and photograph collections, 2) Mangkunegaran and its relations with other courts of the archipelago, 3) Mangkunegaran and religion, including the Sufi tradition, 4) Mangkunegaran and the media, 5) Mangkunegaran and food culture in Java, 5) Mangkunegaran and the environment, 6) Mangkunegaran and the question of gender inclusivity, 7) performing Mangkunegaran (dance, shadow play, music, and fashion), 8) branding and marketing Mangkunegaran, 9) Mangkunegaran and urban development, 10) Mangkunegaran and its European Cooperation.