REC A2.14

Session 1Religious Intellectuals in Southeast Asia: Post-coloniality, Faith, and StateAriff Hafizi Bin Mohd RadziEsra Tiryaki
Session 2Disinformation Dynamics in Southeast Asia: Unravelling Ripple Effects, Fragmentation Challenges, and Safeguarding Vulnerable CommunitiesVidhyandika D PerkasaWida Ayu Puspitosari
Session 3Avant-garde archival applications and analysis: Approaching the Vietnamese archives.Patrick Slack
Session 4Minority Citizenship: Mobility, Religion, Gender and the State in Asian ContextChontida Auilool
Session 6Southeast Asian Diasporas and Heritage: Crafting the Past in the Transnational Future of DiasporasTom Hoogervorst
Session 7Sounding Power and Dissent in Southeast Asia ❶Christina SchwenkelSophea Seng
Session 8Sounding Power and Dissent in Southeast Asia ❷Christina SchwenkelSophea Seng
Session 9Internationalist Southeast Asias: Coordinating Cross-Border Struggles amid Inter-Imperial Antagonisms ❶Geoffrey Rathgeb AungThiti Jamkajornkeiat
Session 10Internationalist Southeast Asias: Coordinating Cross-Border Struggles amid Inter-Imperial Antagonisms ❷Geoffrey Rathgeb AungThiti Jamkajornkeiat
Session 11Radical and Militant Islam in IndonesiaKirsten E Schulze
Session 12Round Table
Emerging Trends in Southeast Asian Politics: Deeper Democratic Backsliding or Trickles of Emancipation?
Jacques BertrandSarah Shair-Rosenfield
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