Session 2

REC A1.02Climate-induced conflicts and vulnerabilities in Southeast Asia: Community-based adaptation, imagination, and interventions in space, to address socio-environmental challenges ❷Anubhav GoyalSayamol Chaorenratana
REC A1.03Aspirations to migrate to the EU: A comparative perspective from Southeast and East Asian countries ❷Asuncion Fresnoza-FlotSofia Gaspar
REC A1.04Beyond Narratives and Self-representations: Knowledge Production of Refugee Youths Making Art and Literature in Southeast AsiaAkino TahirRealisa Darathea Masardi
REC A2.05Central European Tropics: Physicians, Naturalists, and Diplomats in Search of Southeast AsiaTomáš Petrů
REC A2.06Sport, politics and identity in twentieth-century Southeast Asia ❷Friederike TrotierSimon Creak
REC A2.07The Politics of Public Goods Provision in Urban Southeast Asia: Evolving Patterns in Malaysia and Indonesia ❷Edward Aspinall
REC A2.09Relocating the Indonesian Capital: Diverse Discourses, Contradictory Expectations and Tangible Implications ❷Michaela HaugVandy Yoga Swara
REC A2.10Southeast Asia’s Contemporary Relations with Europe: Politics, Security, Economics, and Civil Society ❷Alfred Gerstl
REC A2.11Southeast Asian Heritage in a global context ❷Marina Kaneti
REC A2.13Laboratory
Corporate perpetrators, ‘victimless’ crimes, and citizen resistance in Southeast Asia: exploring interlinked forms of violence and local responses to social and environmental destruction ❷
Dat NguyenKimberley WeirStephanie Benzaquen-Gautier
REC A2.14Disinformation Dynamics in Southeast Asia: Unravelling Ripple Effects, Fragmentation Challenges, and Safeguarding Vulnerable CommunitiesVidhyandika D PerkasaWida Ayu Puspitosari
REC A2.15On the Edge of Modern Eastern Indonesia: Exchange, mobility and competition along Banda ZoneIlham
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