Aspirations to migrate to the EU: A comparative perspective from Southeast and East Asian countries


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Tue 09:30-11:00 REC A1.03

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Tue 11:30-13:00 REC A1.03



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East and Southeast Asian regions have been one of the major places of origin for migrants to the European Union (EU). People from these regions enter the EU through different visa channels, notably related to tourism, work, family reunification, studies, and investments. Despite the administrative and socio-economic hurdles involved in entering and staying in the EU, migration from East and Southeast Asia persists. Why is this the case? What inspires people from these regions to come to the EU? This panel aims to address these questions against the backdrop of ongoing global challenges linked to wars, economic crises, and political instabilities in many countries. It will unveil the results of selected qualitative case studies conducted either in the aforementioned regions or in the EU among East and Southeast Asian migrants. Adopting a comparative approach, it will reveal the migration aspirations of people from the said regions and will identify their similarities and differences. By doing so, the panel will contribute fresh insights to the conceptualisation of migration connecting East/Southeast Asia to Europe.