Beyond Narratives and Self-representations: Knowledge Production of Refugee Youths Making Art and Literature in Southeast Asia


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Session 2
Tue 11:30-13:00 REC A1.04


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Young refugees have been represented by media and even researchers with a certain stereotypical narrative(s), either as “traumatized victims” or “aspiring young people”. In these representations, their experiences and stories are often reduced to “pre-flight, flight, post flight narratives” (Clacherty 2019). Seen as “traumatized victims”, they are often introduced to arts as “healing methods” where they are situated to reproduce the suffering narratives. On the other hand, various programs use art as “an empowering tools” for the young refugees. Here, the youths often focus on narratives which showcase their ability and creative capacity as young people.

This panel seeks to explore more complex and multilayered knowledge production of young refugees in creating arts and literatures. It will explore their relationship with arts, their experience in the process of creating arts, their reflections on the issues they “discuss” in their arts, as well as the transformation of their ideas reflected on their arts.

This panel invites academics, NGO workers, or individuals working or collaborating with young refugee artists in Southeast Asia to share their reflection on how they analyse and represent the refugee artists’ narratives in arts. The forms of refugee arts that will be discussed in this panel are open, such as visual arts, literature, dance, or music.