The Politics of Public Goods Provision in Urban Southeast Asia: Evolving Patterns in Malaysia and Indonesia


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Tue 09:30-11:00 REC A2.07

Part 2

Session 2
Tue 11:30-13:00 REC A2.07


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The rapid urbanization of developing economies is dramatically in evidence across Southeast Asia, where the where the proportion of the population living in urban areas is now a majority in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Examination of the quality of governance in these countries, therefore, rests to a significant extent on the quality of urban governance. The papers in this double session panel explore the evolution in the politics of local government and local public service provision in municipalities across Southeast Asia. The panel brings together scholars from the region studying how local government operates across the Southeast Asia. Each session includes three papers looking at politics in a distinct, local municipality, and fourth paper which takes broader comparative view, along with a discussant tasked with pulling out broader themes, debates, and questions. The sessions are organized as follows: