Session 11

REC A1.02Film Screening
Ngeling-eling Peniwen
Grace Leksana
REC A2.04Aesthetics of ResistancePasakorn Intoo-Marn
REC A2.06Ghosts and Hauntings in Southeast Asia ❶Laurens BakkerMartin Slama
REC A2.07Contested Belonging: Solidarity and Survival amongst Southeast Asian Migrant Communities ❶Chris Chaplin
REC A2.08Multicultural Societies and Civic Vision to Bridge Divisions in Myanmar, Thailand, and India ❶Makiko TakedaPimonpan Chainan
REC A2.09Political Representation in Indonesia ❶Eve Warburton
REC A2.11Memories, objects, art: disrupting colonial narratives on Borneo’s cultural heritage ❶Jennifer MorrisValerie Mashman
REC A2.13Laboratory
Lampah - Tracing embodied archives ❶
Bianca Mayasari Figl, MA
REC A2.14Radical and Militant Islam in IndonesiaKirsten E Schulze
REC A2.15Book Forum
Contentious state-society relations in Myanmar
Gerard McCarthyMaaike Matelski
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