Ngeling-eling Peniwen


Film Screening


Session 11
Thu 14:00-15:30 REC A1.02


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Ngeling-eling Peniwen is a film about how Indonesians remember one of the Dutch violence during the Indonesian Revolution. On 19 February 1949, a group of Dutch soldiers massacred a number of health workers and wounded Indonesian soldiers in Peniwen village, Malang, East Java. This event became one of the well-known historical events in East Java, expressed by the various memorialization acts related to Peniwen, including the establishment of the Peniwen Affair monument in 1983, which commemorates the victims of massacre as heroes of the Indonesian Revolution. The case even gain international recognition when the Dutch court decided to provide compensation for the widowed victims of Peniwen in 2016. However, through the eyes of the villagers and families of victims, Ngeling-eling Peniwen presents complex narratives that go beyond the nationalistic tone of heroes and Revolution. Their stories depicted how the construction of heroes excludes other narratives and practices of remembering, such as by the woman victim of sexual violence; and overrides the fact that those who are commemorated are still victims of Dutch violence.