Aesthetics of Resistance


Single Panel


Session 11
Thu 14:00-15:30 REC A2.04



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The panel will define and discuss the aesthetics of resistance through diverse socio-artistic movements in different contexts. As in the novel by Peter Weiss, Die Ästhetik des Widerstands (1975), the aesthetics of resistance pertains to ways in which the arts and artistic activities are instrumentalized to challenge dominant societal powers.

The first presentation will focus on the intertwined relationship between Muslims, Hindus, and Chinese vendors in a small weekly market in central Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Noise becomes a form of aesthetic appreciation that creates the marketplace sphere, just as silence is a fearsome authoritative control to ensure submission to the state.

The second presentation will demonstrate the intersection between aesthetics of the transgender body, transgender advocacy work and politics of so-called rehabilitation and correction propagated by state Islamic authorities in Malaysia.
The third will be an aesthetic International Relations approach to developing a global understanding of gender equality through a case study of Pride parades.

After the presentations, a discussion on defining the aesthetics of resistance will reflect each presentation and explore their common ground based on definitions proposed by the panel.