Session 8

REC A1.02Film Screening
Indigeneity and Ghosts in Indonesia’s New Capital
Laurens Bakker
REC A1.03Film Screening
Documenting Duterte’s Drug War ❷
Eloisa May P Hernandez
REC A1.04Reading the S-21 traces: towards new archival assemblages of Khmer Rouge crimesAnne-Laure PoréeStephanie Benzaquen-Gautier
REC A2.04Politics on the Page: Southeast Asian Representation(s) in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Print MediaSusie Protschky
REC A2.05Exploring Nonreligiosity, Atheism, and Secularism in Southeast AsiaPrince Kennex AldamaTimo Duile
REC A2.06Youth and the Performing Arts in Southeast Asia: Negotiating place, belonging, and society ❷Roy HuijsmansSandra Kurfürst
REC A2.07Configurations, power dynamics, and prospects in Myanmar since the 2021 military coup with a focus on the constitution and democratic state-building in Myanmar ❷Marcus Brand
REC A2.08Living and dying in Vietnamese migrant communities: Identities, relationship-building and demise across Vietnamese communities in Europe and Asia ❷Julia BehrensSeb Rumsby
REC A2.09From Contested to Hybrid Space: Transnationality, Everyday Sovereignty, and Global Order ❷Shiskha PrabawaningtyasTatok Djoko Sudiarto
REC A2.10Platformisation in Southeast Asia ❷Naruemon ThabchumponWolfram Schaffar
REC A2.11Navigating SEAS of Knowledge: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Southeast Asian Studies ❷Frans WijjseenRuard Ganzevoort
REC A2.12Historicizing Chinese Labour in Southeast Asian Mining: mobilities, networks and practicesHui Yun CherOliver Tappe
REC A2.13Policy in Action: Intention, implementation, and consequences of government decision-making in IndonesiaElisabeth KramerWayne Palmer
REC A2.14Sounding Power and Dissent in Southeast Asia ❷Christina SchwenkelSophea Seng
REC A2.15Engaging in Existential Mobility in “Zomia”Wen-Chin Chang
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