Navigating SEAS of Knowledge: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Southeast Asian Studies


Double Panel

Part 1

Session 7
Wed 14:00-15:30 REC A2.11

Part 2

Session 8
Wed 16:00-17:30 REC A2.11


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This panel seeks to bring together scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, including anthropology, history, sociology, and environmental studies issues (as being discussed in PhD Masterclass 2023 in Malang Indonesia), to explore multifaceted perspectives on Southeast Asia. The discussions will center on current research, methodological innovations, and theoretical developments. The aim is to facilitate a holistic understanding of the region by integrating insights from various disciplines, fostering collaborative research approaches, and addressing the complexities of Southeast Asian societies.

This panel will greatly enhance the PhD Masterclass 2023 participants (especially) by giving up-and-coming scholars a stage on which to present their multidisciplinary work, as well as a chance to update their PhD research progress. Moreover, our goal is to foster an environment that fosters creative methods to comprehending Southeast Asia’s different landscapes by promoting discourse and collaboration. This session is in line with the Masterclass’s objective of promoting scholarly discourse and helping the upcoming generation of Southeast Asian Studies researchers.