Policy in Action: Intention, implementation, and consequences of government decision-making in Indonesia


Single Panel


Session 8
Wed 16:00-17:30 REC A2.13


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As Indonesia continues on its post-authoritarian political journey, there has been a proliferation of new laws and regulations that, ostensibly, are intended to enhance the functioning of the state and the situation of Indonesian citizens. Of course, the reality is not so straight-forward and in considering any new policy there are myriad nuances and complexities that influence the final outcome. This panel offers examples of recent case studies that explore the creation and implementation of new policies and laws in Indonesia, focusing on decisions made by the central government. Each presenter will discuss an empirical study that illustrates how policies are mobilized and what consequences (sometimes unintended) emerged. Policy issues addressed will include: migration law, national-local relations in cigarette regulation, bureaucratic reform and policy tensions related to climate change and agrarian reform in the Omnibus Law. In considering these contemporary case studies, we offer a snapshot of the politics and outcomes of policymaking, highlighting some key issues and thought-provoking dilemmas they raise.