Education and Power in Contemporary Southeast Asia


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Session 10
Thu 11:00-12:30 REC A2.12



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This recently published edited volume by Routledge focuses on the ways in which education (broadly defined) has been instrumentalized by state, non-state, and private actors across the diverse region of Southeast Asia. It asks four overarching questions: (1) What educational practices have resulted from domestic and regional competition among actors and histories in the region? (2) How has educational governance been altered because of these actors and histories? (3) In what ways are changes in educational systems reflective of the larger political economy and power relations of the region or globe? and (4) What educational outcomes result from all of these dynamics? These four questions are framed within three sub-themes, which are (i) centralization and decentralization; (ii) privatization and marketization; and (iii) equity and justice. Fourteen case studies from various countries in Southeast Asia are selected to provide trenchant analysis of the abovementioned questions and sub-themes. The objective of this book forum is to discuss major issues raised by the book’s contributors and how Southeast Asian countries can best cope with these issues. We will invite any contributors to the book to speak about their chapters, and the editors of the volume will speak as well.