In and Out of Place: Mapping People, Objects, and Spaces in Southeast Asia


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Tue 14:30-16:00 REC A2.11

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Tue 16:30-18:00 REC A2.11


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This panel aims to explore multiple modes of mapping, not only of spaces, but also of people and objects that circulate within and beyond Southeast Asia. In engaging with historical and contemporary map-making, this panel proposes to look at issues surrounding processes of mapping. The act of mapping – pinning things into place or delineating spatial outlines – defines and underscores the relationship(s) of things across multiple locations. Mapping may enable or impede mobility, obscure or highlight multidirectional exchange, while at the same time, render entities legible and tangible.

Presented papers in this panel will highlight the spatial mapping of social changes and consumer cultures in port cities like Surabaya, Singapore, and Georgetown, as well as making sense of how migration, colonialism, and globalisation intersect in shaping the formation of ethnic enclave and transnational connections through a collective mapping of the remaining urban fabric in the town of Lasem, in north-eastern coast of Java.

Apart from that, in this panel we will consider questions of place, circulation, connection, and seclusion across time with respect to people and objects of material culture. Papers may include reports, reflections or analyses of historical GIS data, digital reconstitution and repatriation projects, visualisations of historical datasets of material culture, as well as work on spatial trajectories and networks of objects rooted in particular places. While the focus of this panel is envisaged to be primarily historical, papers are welcomed from across disciplines.