Digitizing Asia’s Heritage


Film Screening


Session 4
Tue 16:30-18:00 REC A0.01


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In a world of unprecedented technological advancements and permanent turn towards digital knowledge, many consider heritage digitization to be both a natural and vital next step in the preservation of heritage. To add, heritage digitization provides a powerful alternative for preservation, especially in South and South East Asia where artifacts and sites are continuously threatened and destroyed by natural disasters and development objectives.

But who gets to make decisions on what heritage should be preserved? And who decides what is heritage? What happens to heritage that cannot be digitized? Finally, what about heritage that is meant to be forgotten? Do communities have the right to choose whether they remember or forget?
The significance of such questions can hardly be overestimated. At a time when many researchers are receiving extensive funding to digitize historical information, this panel brings into conversation diverse perspectives from experts and practitioners working in the space. Prior to the discussion, we will also screen a documentary on heritage digitization produced by Marina Kaneti and Dewi Kumoratih https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft9TdcX4w-w&ab_channel=MarinaKaneti