Welcome to
EuroSEAS 2024

23–25 July 2024

University of Amsterdam

Credits: Ilsoo van Dijk

Word of Welcome

A warm word of welcome to all participants of the 13th conference of the European Association for Southeast Asian Studies (EuroSEAS), to be held from 23 to 25 July 2024 at the University of Amsterdam.

The University of Amsterdam has a long-standing tradition of Southeast Asian studies and more broadly Asian studies, having co-founded the Centre for Asian Studies Amsterdam (CASA), a joint centre of the UvA and VU (Free University), in 1987. Further into the past, we remain indebted to the legacy of UvA Professor W.F. Wertheim (1907-1998). As the founding father of (Southeast) Asian studies at our university, he established a scholarly tradition in area studies that is comparative in scope, fundamentally critical in its theoretical and empirical engagements, and deeply concerned with the everyday struggles and experiences of those suffering the consequences of historical injustices and structural inequalities. Today, numerous (Southeast) Asia researchers across different faculties and disciplines at the UvA are taking this tradition in new critical and creative directions, often collaborating directly with partners in Southeast Asian countries.

The University of Amsterdam (Dutch: Universiteit van Amsterdam, abbreviated as UvA) is a public research university. Established in 1632 by municipal authorities, it is the fourth-oldest academic institution in the Netherlands still in operation. The four UvA campuses – including the open city campus at Roeterseiland, where the EuroSEAS 2024 conference is held – form an integral part of the city of Amsterdam. The UvA regularly forms partnerships with companies, social institutions, museums, citizens and the municipality. These collaborations help find solutions to urban challenges, making education and research more meaningful for scientists and students. The UvA also values international collaborations, both at home – with its highly international student population and research staff – and abroad, with many active research partnerships across the globe, including in Southeast Asia.

We hope that, while attending the EuroSEAS 2024 conference, you will also enjoy the vibrant city of Amsterdam. As the capital city with a diverse population of over 905,000 inhabitants, Amsterdam is the creative and cultural heart of the Netherlands. It is home to numerous institutions, museums, and theatres. The city boasts beautiful architecture and more than 165 canals, lending Amsterdam its unique historical ambience, in which the city’s colonial history remains palpable. While in Amsterdam, we encourage you to also venture outside of the city centre, where historical legacies take the form of multiethnic neighbourhoods, colourful shops and markets, and alternative (multi)cultural centres. Getting around the city is easy, using the extensive public transport system, or you can explore the city by bike, discovering places where no cars, buses or trams can take you.

We hope that this conference can contribute to sustaining and re-imagining a critically engaged Southeast Asian studies that will remain relevant in years to come. We are looking forward to many inspiring conversations that can help us forward in that direction, and we are honoured to have you join these conversations at our institution. Enjoy the conference and welcome to the University of Amsterdam!