Southeast Asia’s Contentious Elections


Single Panel


Session 9
Thu 09:00-10:30 REC A2.13


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Several Southeast Asian countries have held general elections since mid-2022. Many of these were highly contentious and/or have led to periods of post-electoral political turmoil. For example, the 2022 Malay election resulted in an unprecedented hung parliament followed by a royal intervention that paved way for forming a unity government led by Anwar Ibrahim. A few months later, the 2023 Thai election produced a surprising victory for the progressive Move Forward Party, only to see the party blocked from taking power by a series of legal and political machinations. The aim of this panel is to reflect on different aspects of these (and other) recent polls (such as the 2023 Cambodian or the 2024 Indonesian elections), including electoral management and administration, and their lasting implications for domestic politics