On the Edge of Modern Eastern Indonesia: Exchange, mobility and competition along Banda Zone


Single Panel


Session 2
Tue 11:30-13:00 REC A2.15


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This panel will discuss the movement of peoples, goods and ideas along what Roy Ellen (2003) called Banda Zone. But the area scope should go beyond the trade zones as defined by Ellen that arched from Ternate in the North and Kei Archipelago in the South, and to include both the western side of the zones from Menado in the north down to Buton and to include Makassar and southern zones from Bali to Alor islands.

The panel would include papers that discusses the role of Makassar where peoples from across the eastern Indonesia moved to the city for various reasons which effectively made the city the capital of eastern Indonesia during the late colonial period, to discussions of the role of ethnic trading groups from Sulawesi in Papua. The panel is also open for contributors who will look at the histories of movements of goods and peoples from several locations in the regions and who will then contribute to the discussion on how we can look at eastern part of Indonesia as a dynamic and yet integrated region with intense exchange and contestations among its inhabitants throughout the late colonial period to the present.